Our company primarily trades with stainless and carbon steel pipes, fittings, flanges and other related piping elements for pipelines and technological applications of high pressure. These products are sold either from import sources or from our own stock.

Besides steel pipes, on our product portfolio there is a unique plastic product system that completely resists to corrosion. This fiberglass reinforced epoxy resin, the FIBERGLASS, is mainly used in the oil industry for the transfer of combustible liquids in Hungary.

The most significant component of our turnover is steel pipes that can be classified as follows:

Classified by composition

  • Steel pipes with special requirements
  • Steel pipes with extremely high requirements
  • High-temperature steel pipes
  • Extremely heat resistant steel pipes
  • Cold resistant steel pipes
  • Fine-grained steel pipes
  • Steel pipes quenched and tempered
  • Stainless steel pipes

Classified by application

  • Constructional steel pipes
  • Precision steel pipes
  • Power transmission steel pipes
  • Heat exchanger steel pipes
  • Water-conduit steel pipes
  • Insulated steel pipes / PE, PP, cement, mortar, bitumen, with epoxy coating